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At Boundless Martial Arts we focus on Mind, Body, and Spirit. We are a family oriented, traditional karate school with community safety and achievement based learning at the core of our curriculum.

Whether you want to get fitter, learn amazing self-defense skills, or find an outlet for you child to thrive in - we have programs to suit all family needs.

Black Belt Goals Taught by Black Belt Instructors. Designed to provide a safe and fun learning environment to develop black belt skills. Challenging yet fun classes will push you and your family far beyond your physical limits.'s a good thing! Because learning something new and challenging boosts confidence, build character, and creates an atmosphere of self-respect.

The focus, discipline, and confidence that martial arts teaches will help you to become a strong well rounded individual capable of achieving great success is truly inspiring.

Serving Cambridge Ontario for over 7 years, Boundless Martial Arts is excited to help you on your journey to learn Karate, Jiu Jitsu, and traditional martial arts success!

Students use our classes as a highly effective training tool for personal defense, a stellar boost to weight loss and fitness gains, or even as a stand-alone martial art.

Check out our super-low web special going on right now. Our classes fill up fast because it's such a great deal, reserve your spot today!

Get ready to experience the best prices, the most amazing staff, and have the most fun you've EVER had getting fit. Please read below to get a feel for the vibe of our expertise behind the lessons.

After 20 years of training and learning Sensei Johnston set out and founded his own school in 2009. Today the Boundless team inspires students young and old. You can find us in local Elementary, High Schools, Day Cares and Businesses!

Can't wait to train with you soon!

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